Sani-Stand w/ Foam Dispenser (PolyJohn SAN1-2000)

  • Model: POLSAN1-2000
  • Manufactured by: PolyJohn

Sani-Stand w/ Foam Dispenser (PolyJohn SAN1-2000)


Here's the most convenient way yet to keep hands clean... even when water ..

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Sani-Stand w/ Foam Dispenser (PolyJohn SAN1-2000)


Here's the most convenient way yet to keep hands clean... even when water is not available! The SaniStand with Alcohol-Free Antiseptic Foam kills 99% of germs on hands, including E. coli and salmonella.


Great for agriculture, food, and construction work sites.
Protects children in schools, playgrounds, and festivals.
Safeguards food for grocery stores, farmers' markets, and outdoor food vendors.

The SaniStand Foam Dispenser with four dispensing units provides enough alcohol-free foam to sanitize the hands of over 5,300 individuals. Foam spreads to cover hands and kill germs, and there's no waste to discard. The foam push pad is ADA compliant requiring one hand and less than 5 lbs. of pressure to dispense. Large view window monitors sanitizer levels.


• Holds 4 Foaming Hand Sanitizer dispensers (5,300 single uses)
• 27.5 pounds empty - over 200 pounds when base is filled with water or sand
• Goes anywhere people gather
• Foam kills 99% of dangerous germs on contact
• Locking canopy protects supplies
• SaniStand has a patent pending


Base / Top / Dispensing Pipe: 28 in X 28 in X 66 in / 71 cm X 71 cm X 168 cm
Maximum Hand Foam Dispensers: 135 fl oz (4-1000 ml refill bags)
Number of Single Foam Dispenses: 5,333 (4000-.75 ml dispenses)
Weight Empty w/Dispensers: 31 lbs / 14 kg
Base Capacity: 23 gal / 87.1 ltr

In certain geographical areas of the USA, a warning decal, "Not for Drinking or Cooking" is required. This sink is supplied with PC-000782 Warning Decal, which is located directly below the faucet. It is suggested that this decal be replaced if it becomes damaged or worn out.

All materials, including resin, pigments and additives used to make the plastic components as well as the plumbing components that come in contact with the fresh water supply are U.S. Government Food & Drug Administration (FDA) food grade compliant materials.

All dimensions are subject to change due to environmental factors.

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